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Trump's two types of supporters include the 'silent majority'

Armstrong Williams on

Since Day One, Trump has been a revolutionary president, unlike his predecessors, demonstrating the courage to shake things up and refusing to accept the business-as-usual approach in Washington, D.C., which has failed the people for generations.

While these more measured supporters may find the president morally questionable at times, and disapprove of divisive rhetoric and bombastic tweets, they also see immense value in the changes he is bringing to this country. Despite their frustrations, they are willing to look the other way when it comes to his shortfalls because the policies he is enacting are right.

Religious communities may be uneasy with many of his actions, but they are still willing to stand with him to keep America close to our cherished Judeo-Christian values, even if our leader sometimes fails to demonstrate them with his pugilistic approach.

In the end, Americans will have to choose between a Democratic ticket that will jerk America toward a hard-left socialist slant or a president with the proven ability to create jobs and restart our economy.

Is Trump perfect? Of course not, but that is a standard to which none of us should be held. On many occasions, I have expressed disapproval about certain choices he has made and encouraged him to pursue a more unifying approach.


But make no mistake, President Trump is the right man for the job at a time when America needs strength, confidence and optimism.


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