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Trump's two types of supporters include the 'silent majority'

Armstrong Williams on

Tens of millions of people from all walks of life across the United States support President Donald Trump. Men and women. Wealthy and poor. Black, white, brown and every skin tone in between. Backers of his administration's policies are diverse, and they are many.

So, too, are the reasons for supporting and reelecting him to serve America for another four years: His unapologetic and full-bore efforts to improve America's trade policy and willingness to withdraw from international deals that don't put America first. His ironclad commitment to our great ally Israel and tremendous accomplishment of helping the Jewish state secure two new peace deals with its Arab neighbors. His support of the American worker and demonstrated ability to trade business as usual for smart business moves.

But when you boil it down, Trump really only has two types of supporters.

The first type is the Americans who are all-in for Trump with a devotion the likes of which we have rarely seen in American politics. These are the people who view Trump as the sole source of straight talk and adamantly believe that he can do no wrong.

These supporters are fully devoted to him, both in personality and in ideology, elevating him to near cult status. They reject criticism, unwilling or unable to recognize that he is like all of us -- imperfect. Instead, they deign his speeches, statements and social media posts the sole source of information worthy of their trust. They believe, with fervor, that the only person with the ability to lead our country forward is Donald J. Trump.

In the worldview of this Trump supporter, the media is eminently untrustworthy. Any and all criticisms of the president or his actions or rhetoric are overlooked and ignored, shoved aside with the label "fake news." Any critique of Trump's policies or personality is considered an ad hominem attack by the liberal media. For these men and women -- who comprise much of what is referred to as his base -- Trump's every utterance takes on the sheen of immutable truth.


These Trump devotees are loud and proud, donning MAGA hats and adorning their vehicles with Trump 2020 flags. They are outspoken and quick to rush to Trump's aid to defend him as he punches back against every perceived slight.

The other camp of Trump supporters is the silent majority. These people have tremendous support for the policies enacted by the president and believe that he is fulfilling his pledge to make America greater. That being said, they do harbor some concerns about his controversial style.

If we are being honest, then we would have to include a majority of Republican senators and congressmen. Privately, they are willing to express concerns about the president's behavior or his erratic style. At the same time, they will work tirelessly to back him and endeavor to secure his reelection because they believe that the ends justify the means.

And what are the ends? Qualified conservative nominees to the Supreme Court. Reduced government spending and waste and the elimination of bureaucratic red tape. More business-friendly economic policies.


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