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Biden Bombing Across the Board

Adriana Cohen on

The jig is up. By every major metric -- the U.S. economy, public health, education, crime, foreign policy, immigration, energy independence and the spiraling fentanyl drug crisis killing Americans -- the Biden administration has been an abysmal failure.

And unfortunately for America, that's not hyperbole; it's the stone-cold truth.

Start with President Joe Biden's repeated promises during the 2020 campaign that if elected, he'll "shut down the virus," not the economy. With the U.S. economy teetering on a recession, COVID cases persistently elevated and Dr. Anthony Fauci, once again, pushing for a return to indoor masking this week -- almost three years into the pandemic -- how did that whopper turn out?

Biden told us during a CNN town hall last year that if you get vaccinated, you won't get the virus. That was mammoth misinformation spread by our teleprompter-in-chief to coerce hesitant citizens and U.S. military to get vaccinated. Yet time has proven the vaccines don't stop the spread of the virus, nor do they protect one from getting infected, contrary to what Biden pledged on prime-time TV. To date, scores of Americans who've been vaccinated and/or boosted have gotten COVID, including Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and "flip-flopping" Fauci.

Now add that despite vaccine and mask mandates and other COVID restrictions imposed under Team Biden, more Americans have died on his watch from the Wuhan virus than his predecessor. During the Trump administration, approximately 400,000 Americans perished from it; the U.S. death toll is now 1,021,048 as of July 20, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Clearly, Sleepy Joe has no plan to end the pandemic other than to follow questionable advice from Fauci, who's been wrong on virtually everything throughout the pandemic and should've been fired long ago.

With education, the government and teachers' unions that colluded to keep schools closed far longer than necessary and tortured our kids with mask requirements have failed our nation's children, who have suffered substantial learning deficits, language delays and other harmful consequences -- sparking an ongoing mental health crisis, despite never being at high risk of severe illness or death from COVID. But what's perhaps the most maddening is the same people who insist we wear masks, and mask our schoolchildren, aren't wearing masks themselves in public places.

The latest appalling example is Los Angeles County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer, who was caught on video partying at a crowded All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium last week not wearing a mask just days after reinstating a mask mandate. Americans should tell these hypocrites and virtue signalers in the government, local school committees and faculty lounges to go fly a kite.

The reality is if Biden, an elderly man at 79 years of age who was able to work from home throughout his quarantine this week, can survive COVID experiencing only mild symptoms, and 81-year-old Fauci, who also contracted the virus last month, can breeze through it with "mild symptoms" according to CNN, there's no need to mask schoolchildren or any otherwise healthy individual.

We don't need another "study" to have common sense.


Crime has risen in cities across American under the woefully incompetent Biden administration; homelessness is out of control; and inflation is at a 40-year high. But that's not all. There's also the ongoing baby formula crisis, putting infants at risk, and outlets like The Economist are warning the public to brace for food shortages heading our way.

If record-high gas prices, infant formula shortage and potential food shortages are what the Democratic Party consider a "success" under their party's leadership, I'm terrified to know what failure looks like.

The U.S. southern border is a cesspool of drug cartels, human smugglers and other bad actors threatening our national security. And when it comes to foreign policy, we can sum up Biden's handling of our nation's foreign affairs by one word: Afghanistan. The administration's botched withdrawal, costing 13 U.S. service personnel their lives last summer, will go down in infamy.

The fentanyl crisis is exploding nationwide with an alarming number of Americans dying from it, yet Biden hasn't held China to account over its devious role in manufacturing deadly fentanyl ingredients and working in cahoots with Mexican drug cartels to poison Americans. One would think given Biden's own son, Hunter Biden, who has publicly struggled with addiction, Biden would be doing a heck of a lot more to stem the tide of illegal drugs pouring into our country -- but just the opposite is true. Democrats' open-borders policies have exacerbated the drug epidemic. In Texas alone, authorities from Gov. Greg Abbott's "Operation Lone Star" created in March 2021 to "combat the smuggling of people and drugs into Texas" have seized 289 million deadly fentanyl doses to date, according to reports.

And that's just one state!

If Biden and his giggling Veep aren't the worst administration in history, who is?


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