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Capitol chaos illustrates stark hypocrisy of Democrats

Adriana Cohen on

We're living in a time of egregious double standards where Democrats and complicit media hold Republicans to a different code of conduct than themselves. An asymmetrical playing field that continues to divide the nation and perpetuate ever-growing anger and resentment amongst President Donald Trump's 74 million supporters.

Take election integrity. Democrats get a free pass to sow distrust in our elections to serve their political ambitions no matter how divisive and destabilizing to our country. If you recall, over the past four years Hillary Clinton claimed the election was stolen from her while fellow Democrats refused to accept the results of the 2016 election. In September 2019, The Washington Post reported, "Hillary Clinton dismissed Trump as an 'illegitimate president' and suggested that 'he knows' that he stole the 2016 presidential election."

But Trump's not allowed to question the results of the 2020 election even if he believes voter fraud took place.

Who made those rules?

It's well-known that Clinton and her comrades peddled the sinister "Russia collusion" myth --a manufactured conspiracy theory -- against Donald Trump, which the media gleefully trumpeted. A bogus dossier paid for by the 2016 Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee was used by the FBI as a pretext to open criminal investigations against Trump and his associates, who were targeted, spied on and harassed. Lives were ruined. Yet, despite a 22-month Special Counsel Probe that found insufficient evidence of conspiracy, the Russia collusion lie persisted to delegitimize the result of the 2016 election and sabotage the Trump administration.

This is a far cry from respecting our nation's most sacred institution -- free elections -- and respecting the will of the people.


The left waged an all-out #Resist movement against Trump that lasted for the duration of his presidency. His supporters -- ironically, many who are Black, Latino, Asian and Muslim -- were called "racist" and every other despicable name in the book. And, for an encore, Democrats impeached Trump over a phone call.

Hardly the peaceful transfer of power the left and media are now demanding from their GOP counterparts. Yet, conservatives have not forgotten Rep. Maxine Waters calling for Trump's Impeachment -- before he was even inaugurated -- nor the nearly 70 Democratic lawmakers that boycotted his inauguration, a boycott that swelled after late civil rights icon John Lewis, D-Ga., also said he didn't consider Trump a legitimate president.

Nonsense. But in the wake of the riots that took place at the Capitol Building on Wednesday, the left and its media sycophants are haughtily lecturing conservatives about the importance of respecting the peaceful transition of power.

Naturally, they wipe from memory all the violence and destruction that antifa and left-wing protestors waged for months burning cities across America following the George Floyd tragedy.


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