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It's Free!

Susan Estrich on

I went to CVS and got a flu shot and a $5 coupon as part of the deal. No waiting. Oh, and it could even save your life. Still.

So how come so few people want to get the latest COVID booster?

I remember standing in line in East Los Angeles to get my first COVID vaccine. I felt like I'd won the lottery. I kept thanking people; I knew how lucky I was.

Remember that feeling? Salvation, almost.

What happened to it?

Somewhere along the way, we've stopped worrying about COVID. Which is its own kind of salvation, were it only so. But it's still there, lurking.



One casualty of the pandemic has been faith in public health officials, even the best of them. Who do you believe? They say we could be headed for a winter spike in COVID cases. Shouldn't we be concerned? Has denial set in, like the possibility of an earthquake we don't want to think about?

Yesterday I got a text message from my county health department urging me to get my free shot, complete with links to get an appointment, so easy compared to the days when my daughter literally snagged an appointment at a new site by following Twitter leads ... something I could never have figured out.

This time it was easy. I made the appointment myself, next day. Then again, I haven't had a bad reaction to the earlier shots I got, so why would I shy away from another? Why, indeed.


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