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Susan Estrich on

I am a grown-up person now,

I have known fear ...

But anyway, I still believe I only sleep today,

That I'll wake up a child again, and start to laugh and play ...

Somewhere, far away out there, childhood sweetly sleeps ...

In the flame of candles by my bed, I sleep

And once perhaps I'll understand

That I was such a little thing,

As little as this song.

These 30,000 souls who sleep

Among the trees will wake,

Open an eye

And because they see

A lot.

They'll fall asleep again ... "

-- Hanus Hachenburg, "IX. 1944"

And in that knowledge, they found faith.


"I am a Jew and will be a Jew forever.

Even if I should die from hunger,

Never will I submit.

I will always fight for my people,

On my honor.

I will never be ashamed of them,

I give my word.

I am proud of my people,

How dignified they are.

Even though I am suppressed,

I will always come back to life."

-- Franta Bass

I am a Jew and will be a Jew forever.

In retrospect, I only wish these lessons were a piece of history, and not my children's legacy.


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