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Reality Bites: Life After Trump

Susan Estrich on

I never thought I would say it but I miss Donald Trump. Not as president, certainly not that. But as a distraction.

Remember how every morning you could wake up to screaming headlines about the latest outrageous Trump tweet? By the time you could fully digest its inanity, there would be yet another one. To those of us who thought that he could go no further, he proved us wrong on Jan. 6.

What a relief from thinking about real problems. What a salve for the pain just under the surface. You could spend half a therapy appointment just railing against Trump. You couldn't get through an entire dinner without discussing anything but Trump. Cast your other worries aside and just worry about Trump.

And then came my old friend Joe Biden, one of the most decent men in politics, someone who wakes up every day and tries to do what is right for our country and the world. Could there be anything more boring?

He doesn't tweet. He doesn't say outrageous things. His top aides, starting with Ron Klain, a brilliant lawyer who I remember from his student days, are focused on their work, not their brand. No Sean Spicers. No Kellyanne and George Show.

Even "Saturday Night Live" is getting dull, which explains the Elon Musk of it all.


But for the rest of us, who don't have a Musk equivalent to distract us, real life has returned. I wake up worrying not about Trump but about my family, about money, about myself.

And I can't really blame Trump for any of it. So I have to blame myself.

Joe Biden has ushered in a new era of responsibility. COVID-19? Get a vaccine. No appointment necessary. No cost.

I remember when Republicans -- and most Democrats -- laughed at the idea of giving people money to help them deal with poverty. Minimum income? Any candidate who even came close to the idea could be certain to lose.


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