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Susan Estrich on

The Reopening of America -- or even of one town or state -- is hardly a seamless operation.

The stages make less and less sense. Everything is open, even if everything isn't really supposed to be open for more than a month.

Restaurants and shops, big stores and small, salons and barber shops -- almost everything but schools and office buildings, with more and more of both opening up.

Good, yes? Except it is taking place in a time of caution at best and suspicion at worst.

I know everyone in my household is vaccinated, but yours?

And surely not everyone in the elevator is vaccinated!


That's the rub. As much as you try to restrict your worlds -- and most of us have for the last year -- once you start going out, you end up going out just a little more than you first thought.

The truth is -- and we don't want to say this too loudly -- if you're fully vaccinated, the reason to wear a mask is because if you don't, the Trump voters who aren't fully vaccinated (50%, actually) likely won't wear a mask either, and they will get our poor friends who would like to be vaccinated but can't sick, and we as a community will suffer for the selfishness of the few.

Or they will get their mothers or fathers or aunts or uncles who are having chemo and can't be vaccinated sick.

Or they will get the kid at the counter who is not old enough to be vaccinated but is old enough to get sick and infect others sick and head off into the night none the wiser.


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