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Is Biden Boring?

Susan Estrich on

He is a man who lost his wife and daughter in a car accident and then lost his amazing son Beau Biden, a Delaware attorney general, to cancer. He carried with him great sadness that translates into real compassion for people. He doesn't go through people the way some politicians do -- using them for what they are worth to him and then tossing them aside, never to even think of them again. One reason I know people in the Biden circle is that they have been with him for so long.

People aren't obsessed with Biden the way they were with Trump, and Hillary Clinton. These days, the loudest voices get heard. It had been that way for years, but somehow, the center held, as it did in the nomination and election of Joe Biden.

The problem with the middle is that it's much harder to make it entertaining. Biden is aiming for the common good, for the unity we actually have in this country about most issues. The issues that get discussed during campaigns are often side issues, like gun control, which bring out the extremes.

President Biden is being so presidential in ways that remind you of the gravity of his undertaking.

He's not going to start a war to prove something. He's not going to threaten anybody.


Biden is not going to get in a spat with a talking head.

He will be a careful and caring president. Boring is good. I have "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" reruns for entertainment.


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