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Gavin Newsom has shown himself to be a future president

Susan Estrich on

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, much of the time in the shadow of his better-known New York counterpart, Andrew Cuomo, has shown himself to be a future president. If the primary were held today. ... But it isn't.

And thanks to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's well-meaning but ultimately dated pledge to tokenism (not a pledge to select the most qualified vice presidential candidate but a woman, best or not), neither Newsom nor Cuomo are topping the list of vice presidential candidates, where they belong.

Didn't the voters of South Carolina reject pure tokenism? So how come Sen. Kamala Harris is the No. 1 contender and Newsom isn't on the list?

If anything, the senators have this week shown how meaningless their jobs are in times of crisis. They vote -- on deals arranged in advance. This makes them qualified to be president? This and running, sometimes poorly, an office of Gen-Xers.

You see guys like Gavin and Andrew, docs like Tony Fauci and Deborah Birx, and you remember that thing called American teamwork, moving forward.

And then the Elephant, President Donald Trump, opens his mouth and starts talking about what a great job he has done.

He is the Real Life Tiger King. Of course Trump will pardon Joe Exotic. Trump is Joe, a man unbound by rules because his instinct is law.

It is not that America lacks men and women of integrity but that they have been silenced by a fat man who, until recent weeks, seemed destined to have his way with the rule of law for another four years.


Maybe not. He has just learned that he is not the king. He has just realized that by failing to address a federal disaster, he gave his power away. Federalism can be tricky. So in love was he with the idea of being responsible for nothing that he has ended up blamed for anything, mocked and loathed, unable to stop contradicting himself, unable to stop making a fool of himself.

The best America is on display every day, in governor's mansions and hospital wards, in Trader Joe's and Washington, D.C., buses.

But Americans have every right to be mad as hell at the man who still doesn't get it. If you lose someone you love, it will be easy to find someone to blame. He'll be the one claiming it's all a Democratic "hoax."

He could have told the truth. Newsom did. Cuomo did. They are respected for it. Clown shows are lots of fun when laughter is the business of the day, not when refrigerated trucks are lined up to take away the body bags in Manhattan and Queens. And there is no end game in sight.


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