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No one is better at the blame game than Trump

Susan Estrich on

No one is better at playing the blame game than Donald Trump. For three years, the president has been blaming the press ("fake news") and the Democrats ("low IQ" Joe Biden and the wicked Nancy Pelosi) for anything that has gone wrong and taking credit for anything that has gone right (notably, the stock market).

News flash, Trump: Now it's our turn to blame you.

This is not a China virus. Limiting travel from China to the U.S., which the president claims great credit for, did not stop the pandemic from reaching our shores. And whatever head start it might have given us in terms of preparedness was lost in the official denials and pure Trump evasions.

So now, finally, with no toilet paper on the shelves, tens of millions of Americans afraid to leave their homes and virtually no tests available, even for those who have symptoms, the president has finally declared a national emergency.

But he's still shaking hands.

How dare you, Trump?


How dare you pretend that stopping Europeans from coming to America (unless they travel through the UK, which they can easily do) will help us, when the virus is already in at least 48 states, and untold numbers of Americans are already infected.

How dare you wear your "Keep America Great" campaign hats when, in fact, we are not the least bit great when it comes to dealing with this virus.

How is it that South Korea can test 10,000 people a day in drive-in test sites while only about 5,000 Americans have been tested?

Your fault, Trump. We had two months' warning from China. Chinese scientists posted the genome on Jan. 11. The World Health Organization distributed test kits to 60 nations -- but you didn't want them. South Korea developed tests of its own. So, by the way, have many private and academic institutions in the United States, but you are preventing them from being used.


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