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Were voters pro-Biden or anti-Bloomberg?

Susan Estrich on

I had the flu. I woke up. Pete Buttigieg was out. Amy Klobuchar was out. Elizabeth Warren was running third in Massachusetts. Joe Biden was winning everywhere. Now Mike Bloomberg is out. Warren is virtually gone.

Biden's the One.

How long was I sick?

Was it all because of South Carolina?

Congratulations, Joe.

The Democratic Party may yet avoid a landslide. No one took anything away from Bernie Sanders. It just happened.


Goodnight, Iowa. Goodnight, New Hampshire.

Sanders was on his way to a commanding lead coming out of Super Tuesday when Biden passed him by.

It had to happen. What's stunning is that it almost didn't.

Bloomberg was the one who did it. So long as he was out there looming, it was still an open question. "Maybe Bloomberg," people who had never said those words began saying. Maybe not. Definitely not.


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