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Joe Kennedy for Senate. Not.

Susan Estrich on

Ed Markey, the progressive senator from Massachusetts, is -- to most people's surprise -- facing a potential primary challenge from a slightly less progressive and almost ridiculously inexperienced junior congressman named Kennedy.

That's it. Joe Kennedy, son of former Congressman Joe Kennedy, son of former attorney general. He is "thinking" about running against Markey, according to his post on Facebook.


Not because he disagrees with him on anything, at least anything that he mentions.

Not because he doesn't like him or because he is ineffective. Markey was first elected to the House in 1976 and is one of the best-liked members of the Senate.

No, he's running because he is 38, and there is a very strong bench of Democrats his age in Massachusetts who don't have the audacity and blinding ambition of Little Joe but could very easily beat him for the next open seat.


Kennedy's claim to fame is his State of the Union response. He was really great. I think most people who had worked for a Kennedy (I worked for Teddy) were excited by his potential. But if you've ever seen the state Attorney General Maura Healey in action, you'll see what goes way beyond potential. She's got it.

So, according to press reports and internal polls leaked for obvious reasons, this year may be the best shot Joe has of winning a Senate seat.

And to that I can only say, "So what?"

No one is entitled to a Senate seat, least of all a candidate whose chances rest almost entirely on being born into the right family. And, unlike some of his cousins, he is not and has never been accused of improper sexual conduct, a clean Kennedy. And he has avoided the pull of addiction and wrongdoing that have plagued some of his relatives.


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