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Happy Birthday, President Clinton

Susan Estrich on

On the occasion of Bill Clinton's 73rd birthday, the chattering class has come to bury the president they once adored -- and not to praise him.

Not me.

I wish the biggest thing I had to worry about in the world was a blue dress. Imagine having time or energy for such nonsense when the Russians are wreaking havoc with our democracy.

I wish the guy in the White House spent his energy trying to put out racial fires rather than ignite them.

I wish our commander in chief didn't play domestic politics with Israel's future and security.

I wish the current president were devoting almost every waking moment he had to try to bring peace to the Middle East, instead of picking fights with Israel.


I wish we had a president who at least knew what our pain felt like, instead of not even having a clue.

I wish Madeleine Albright were secretary of state and Al Gore were vice president.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

Back in 1988, when the world thought I was the biggest idiot on the planet for not sending my candidate out to fight the good fight, you defended me. You told them it was not my decision. You stood by your friend when times were tough.


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