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Michael Bennet for President

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Doesn't have a chance?

When the public says they're looking for that so-called generic Democrat whom they would overwhelmingly favor over President Donald Trump, they mean Michael Bennet. They just don't know it yet.

In 2013, he was one of the "Gang of Eight" -- four Democrats and four Republicans -- who crafted a comprehensive immigration reform bill (including a path to citizenship) that won support in the Senate but couldn't get a vote in the House.

He was the superintendent Denver's public schools, credited with increasing enrollment, decreasing dropout rates, more kids' going to college, engaging with the community and, in the words of The Denver Post, acting as "a force -- pushing reforms and steering (the school system) to a culture of success."

In any other year, he would be considered a progressive Democrat able to win in the states that don't have first-in-the-nation caucuses.

He is pro-gay marriage. He supported Obamacare and supports a public option -- not the abolition of all private options. He co-sponsored the DREAM Act, opposes open borders. Last January, he took on Ted Cruz on the Senate floor, in an impromptu speech that revealed Cruz's hypocrisy. In his last election, Bennet received more votes than any other Democrat ever has in Colorado -- over 30,000 more votes than Hillary and with more votes in rural counties than any other Democrat in statewide history.


His father is Christian. His mother is a Jewish survivor.

Can he win? Against Donald Trump? Yes.

Can he beat a crowd of socialists, spiritualists, serious academics, political newbies and oldies in a process dominated by people disappointed by Barack Obama? Imagine Trump twisting those words against them.

Only in processes dominated by minorities of minorities in multicandidate fields in which "blocs" the size of my neighborhood command the attention of the international press corps could it possibly make political sense to claim that Obama was too conservative.


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