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Smoke in the air, heroes on the ground

Susan Estrich on

The kind people of my city, who flooded the television stations with calls to help that 76-year-old man, who have opened their homes and their hearts to people with only the clothes on their back: They are my heroes.

The friends who picked up the phone to call, knowing I was alone, to make sure I was OK. Oh, it's far away, I said, as I studied my map, to make sure the lines hadn't changed. Really, not so far away, looking at it again.

What would I take? I watched the people packing up their cars. With my dogs, what would I have room for? What do I really need?

I looked around my house, full of pictures and mementos, things you take for granted, presents my kids made at school 15 or 20 years ago: I would take those. But not much else. Everything else was just things.

"I'm not sleeping very well," one of my friends said last night, in our check-in call. Who is? Another alert just came in, high winds expected, stay tuned.


I don't think anyone in Los Angeles will sleep well tonight. But what a city: not of angels but of heroes.


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