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The Rule of Trump

Susan Estrich on

And yet the president continues to attack Hillary Clinton.

When I was in high school, we had a class called "Democracy in America." It was the senior-year civics course. For some of my classmates senior year was the last year of schooling they'd ever have, and this class was supposed to teach us to always remember the miracle that was our democracy -- slow, frustrating, cumbersome, but a miracle nonetheless, just like our annual town meeting, which everyone attended to vote on local issues. I fought with my hometown -- over such issues as excluding people from clubs based on race and religion and designating, through real estate maps, which religions could live where -- but it was, as my teacher used to say, "democracy in action."

Today, we have tweets in action. We don't have ethics; we have finger pointing. What better time to attack your opponent of a year ago than on the day your top aide is indicted for money laundering? What does that say about the president?

The answer is obvious. The president doesn't care if his aides lie to the FBI. He doesn't care if they launder money from adversarial governments, or if they fail to abide by rules that apply to those who lobby for foreign governments. He doesn't care about the rule of law. He'd like to fire Robert Mueller and everyone who works for Mueller. It's only the politics of it that is stopping him.

We have a president who doesn't care -- not a whit -- about the rule of law.


The rule of Trump is all that matters.

Nothing else explains his reactions. Nothing else explains him. It should be terrifying.


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