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Junk insurance can kill you faster than junk food

Susan Estrich on

He's at it again.

The Trumps have nothing to worry about. They have federal-government insurance -- one of the best plans that money can buy, with the most options and the most comprehensive coverage.

It's good enough for the Trumps -- though they are, after all, among the very few Americans who could actually afford to pay for their own health care if they got sick. This is not the 1 percent but the 0.1 percent. Lucky them.

Now if you, on the other hand, have ever been sick, or worse, seriously ill, if you have a child who suffers from a chronic illness or a parent who needs to see a doctor more than once a year: Beware.

If Donald Trump has his way, junk insurance is on its way back.

Junk insurance can kill you a whole lot faster than junk food.

It covers almost nothing. You think you have insurance until you try to use it.

Then it's "sorry" time. As in, "Sorry, no prescription coverage." "Sorry, no preventive care." "Sorry, no expensive tests." "Sorry, no expensive drugs."

In America, you might be lucky enough to receive the best health care in the world -- if your name is Trump, and your insurance card actually covers something.

Junk insurance is one of the things Obamacare got rid of. It wasn't because anyone was trying to take away inexpensive options. It was because it was a useless rip-off.


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