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Here we go again

Susan Estrich on

Fifty-nine dead this time, according to the latest reports.

The collective handwringing; the thoughts and prayers; the stories of lives tragically lost crowding the news; funerals to come; politicians spouting mournful messages.

And then what? We know the answer. Then nothing.

What is wrong with us? How many more innocent people must die in these horrific massacres before Congress and the White House have the guts to stand up to the minority of a minority who believe that people need assault weapons for personal use?

I am not trying to repeal the Second Amendment.

If you are a hunter, hunt.

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If you own a gun to protect yourself, that is your right.

But no one needs an assault weapon to hunt, or to protect family members against intruders.

No law-abiding citizen need fear reasonable rules that treat guns as being at least as dangerous as cars.

This is what I have never understood. No one protests outside the Department of Motor Vehicles that the inspectors are trying to take our cars away, that if we let them require us to get licenses before we can drive, it's a slippery slope toward forcing us back onto bicycles. No one contends that requiring us to register our cars is a violation of our constitutional rights, or that mandatory insurance is an unconscionable limit on the constitutionally protected freedom to travel.


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