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The High Holidays

Susan Estrich on

"Then if the tears obscure your way

"You'll know how wonderful it is

"To be alive."

The words have been burnt into my conscience since childhood.

But that is my generation. There is a new generation who thought that anti-Semitism was a thing of the past, that the Holocaust was ancient history, that their futures were secure from the kind of hatred my mother raised me to fear.

After Charlottesville, after President Trump's terrible comments, after watching Jewish senior officials in the administration remain silent in the face of such hate and such a default by our president, young people are learning otherwise. I read pieces they write online. "How can this be?" they ask.

How can it not be?

This will be a painful Rosh Hashana for them, and for their parents. We had become complacent. We raised our children to feel safe. We got involved in politics just to make sure.

We must fight this hate wherever we find it -- whether it is directed against Jews or Hispanics or African-Americans, at home or abroad. I wish there had been a better way to teach that lesson. I wish our president had not been the one to force us to sound the alarm.

But he was, and he did, and now we must stand tall and never forget.

And shame on those who remain silent.

Happy New Year.


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