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Reportedly, even as Trump tees tax cuts, he is piqued enough not to speak to the man who will -- or will not -- carry the president's legislation, and his nominees, through the Senate.

And that man, as loyal a Republican as could be, is saying things that would be unimaginable in any other time: that the administration may well be beyond salvage. Think: If Mitch McConnell, the floor manager of any vote to convict on impeachment, feels that way, then it is certainly imaginable.

Is there a photo opportunity in the works even as I write, with McConnell and Trump shaking hands and making up? Possibly -- but so what?

This much seems clear. We are looking at real wounds. The president heads into Labor Day as badly weakened as a president could be this early in his term, and it's entirely of his own doing.

It's not because the market turned on him; it didn't. It's not because American businesses didn't add jobs; they did. It's not that Republicans in Congress didn't try; in the House, they tried, and they will pay for it. In the Senate, they didn't have the votes.

And there is one reason why, and his name is not Mitch McConnell.


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