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How can you stand by a president with no heart?

Michael Gerson on

"O mother

What shall I cry?

We demand a committee, a representative

committee, a committee of investigation


-- T.S. Eliot, "Difficulties of a Statesman"

WASHINGTON -- Many have asked with rising hope in their voices: Will Steve Bannon be fired?

It would certainly be ironic for the alt-right conscience of the White House to be dismissed at the moment of his triumph. President Trump's recantation of his staff-enforced moral clarity on the Charlottesville clash was a high point for the Breitbart worldview. About that unequivocal condemnation of Nazis, racists and murder? Never mind. The left is just as bad. Both sides share the blame.

This might be defensible -- if you leave out the 400 years of oppression, segregation, violence and cruelty that black people have experienced in North America. If you leave out a bloody Civil War started by slave interests to defend an economic system based on theft of labor and the lash. If you leave out the millions shot, gassed and incinerated under the Nazi flag, their wedding rings and gold fillings carefully collected by their killers. If you leave out every grave of every American who fought and died to defeat fascism and militarism.

So moral equivalence is an option -- for those who are willfully blind to history and have a shriveled emptiness where their soul once resided.


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