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Unworthy of 9/11

Marc Munroe Dion on

Because I was working in a newsroom on the day and because I'm a newspaper columnist, it's expected that I can (and will) produce a Sept. 11 column.

And why not? I'm 64. I was no kid on that day.

And why not? I won an Associated Press award for writing about Sept. 11. I know what happened, right?

I wish I'd never won the damn award. It's on a shelf behind several cans of pipe tobacco I'll smoke sooner or later.

Giving me a piece of paper "certificate" saying I won an award on the backs of other people's death is somehow a little obscene, even though I spent a fair amount of my daily newspaper career writing about people who were murdered or died in house fires.

I know what happened, right?


What happened was a flash of killing light followed by two decades of increasing darkness.

Pure dark is as pure as pure light, and America has known the dark since the flash of killing light.

I know what happened, right?

You bet I do.


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