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Sing it Loud

Marc Munroe Dion on

"Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton

Down where they ain't fond of votin'.

Chip away. Chip away. Chip away at your rights."

"Dixie" as rewritten by a heretic.

Texas, the Lone Voting Booth State, is twisting itself into very small knots trying to pass some legislation aimed at preventing nonexistent voter fraud by outlawing mail-in voting, drive-thru voting, ballot boxes and voting by Blacks, the last being the most desired outcome.

And you can't blame the Texas legislators. For a while there, they were walkin' in high cotton, and they had a pretty good idea of who was supposed to pick the cotton, by hand, for free, while singing spirituals.


Donald Trump was president back in the old times that are not forgotten, and after long decades of oppression at the hands of educated Christians, it was finally safe to be a bigot again. The long dark night of white people was over. We had overcome.

Trouble was that, despite Trump hugging the flag in public, the damn Blacks, the gays and some of the women were puzzlingly unwilling to participate in their own disenfranchisement. Told to go back to the cotton field, the closet and the kitchen, they refused to accept the gift of inferiority.

It would have been fine if all they did was get mad and riot, but they voted, and they elected each other, and they elected people who didn't hate them for who they are. Pretty soon, Trump found himself retiring to Florida, where he rants like Al Capone dying of untreated syphilis not too far from where Trump now lives.

Well, that couldn't be allowed to happen again, or the United States would descend into the chaos of equality and fairness.


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