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Unwanted party at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Marc Munroe Dion on

It's 25 years ago, and I'm standing before the sergeant's desk in a city police station, reading the day's arrest reports. In those days, the officer wrote the report on a form, in his own handwriting.

A bar owner, I read, called the police because a man was sitting on the doorstep of a street-corner tavern, making it tough for patrons to come in or go out.

The report noted that the owner told the man he was going to call the police, and the man responded, "Go ahead."

The owner called the police, and an officer responded.

The report said the man refused to move on, and eventually, the officer said, "If you don't move on, I'll have to arrest you."

"Yeah?" the man said. "Go ahead. Arrest me."


The last sentence of the report contained only three words.

"So I did," the officer wrote.

I believe that civic goodness rests on the lower rungs of public service: the cop, the mail carrier, the town clerk, and others who toil in obscurity, down there where they make arrests, and plow snow, and sweep the streets.

That's why it is my hope that, if it comes to President Donald Trump being physically removed from the White House, it is done by the cops on the beat.


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