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Opening up a can of America

Marc Munroe Dion on

"God bless America/

"Land that kicks butt/

"Just bend over/

"We'll come over/

"And kick butt with the light from above."

None of it is complex. By God, not any of it is complex. Subtlety is weak, and may be Communist, and Communists need to have their butts kicked. With a boot. With a military, spit-shined cop boot.

Having re-found boots and butts, we have reclaimed our national destiny of swift and blinding violence against our enemies, foreign, domestic and imaginary.

"And the boot-spangled banner/

"In triumph shall wave/


"O'er the land of the butts/

"And the boots of the brave."

Play ball! Kick butt!

Kick compassion's butt. Kick thought's butt. Kick diversity's butt. Kick the Constitution's butt. Kick poetry's butt, and literature's butt and architecture's butt

Kicks and kicks and kicks and kicks.

By God, that's America.


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