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Straight Pride and Witchcraft

Marc Munroe Dion on

There was a "straight pride" parade in Boston last week, maybe 50 miles from my house. I skipped it, and went out for pancakes instead. Then, I came home and did some laundry.

About 300 people marched in the parade. Maybe the other straight guys do their own laundry, too.

And several days later, my wife, Deborah, continued her effort to gain the trust of a stray cat who wandered into our yard, and has been getting fed by her for some time.

Much of gaining an animal's trust is comprised of offering food and in the ability to sit still as a stone for hours at a time.

Every night, Deborah sits on our front steps, still as a stone, occasionally making kissing noises into the air.

At first, the cat would wait until she left to eat. Eventually, he would eat while she sat, still as a stone, just two wooden steps above the food.


A week ago, the cat was within two feet of her hands. She remained still as a stone. Last night, the timid cat leaned forward and sniffed her hand, and with one ringed finger, she touched him gently on the head. He walked away.

"I didn't want to try to pet him just yet," she said. "He's still a little scared."

The whole process has taken her a couple of months.

I thought about it when I was washing my hands before dinner.


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