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The Russians didn't need Trump

Marc Munroe Dion on

In between the Confederate monument and the tiki torch parade, there's a party goin' on.

And there are fine people on both sides. The bikers and the military and the cops are there, counting the days toward the pension, or toward selling crystal meth, depending on the uniform worn.

The reason?

No Russian collusion! No Russian collusion! Pump your pudgy fist in the air and chant along with the old guys in the green golf pants, and the young guys in the camouflage pants who have never been in a fight.

No Russian collusion!

President Donald Trump's so innocent, he could be the gentlest of children attending a rat-infested all-black Detroit grade school. He's as innocent as Stormy Daniels was before she found out she could sell what she'd been giving away.


That obstruction of justice stuff is nothing, just a toy for the lawyers. The point is that a recent two-year investigation found Trump innocent of having colluded with the Russians to win the last election. The right-wingers are right to say that news stories damn near drooled over the idea of Trump getting found between the sheets with Boris and Natasha. Having previously dropped the ball by giving Trump no chance to win, the white, suburban, college-educated mostly men who run the media once again missed the point, which is that you can't cheer a verdict until there IS a verdict. Where the hell are their editors?

While we wait for the media to stop packing itself with MORE people who all think alike, I'll explain to you why the Russians didn't collude with Trump.

They didn't have to, and, anyway, I don't think they believed he was stable enough to be a double agent.

They took a look at this real estate developer turned politician, and they were damn sure they wanted him to win, but after a couple of approaches, they realized Trump and his merry crew of amateurs would be the worst asset they ever bought.


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