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A few notes for a new national anthem

Marc Munroe Dion on

That's the stuff right there, the fight against impossible odds, the weary but undefeated troops peering over the border wall as the dawn wind ruffles their orange comb-overs. Is the flag still flying?

"Thanks to Big Pharma's shills we're all drowsy with pills,/

From Maine's rockbound coasts to Kentucky's green hills."

Geography goes well in an anthem, which is why people are always suggesting "America The Beautiful" should be the national anthem. It's got "amber waves of grain" and "purple mountains" in the lyrics, so, no matter what part of Colorado you're from, you can relate.

And the rousing finish? An anthem needs a rousing finish.

"Oh, thus be it ever, when gun owners shall stand/

Between their AR-15s and sane legislation.

And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave/

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O'er the land of the free and the dead children's graves."

And what do you do when the quavering last note dies away in the stillness?

You do what a Republican legislator does when the National Rifle Association hands him a bag of money.

Play ball!


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