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A few notes for a new national anthem

Marc Munroe Dion on

"Oh, say can you see the holster on me?

I have fed it my vote and the lives of my children."

Too dark. An anthem's got to be, well, not peppy, but you should never use words like "entrails."

In a nation that's abandoned nearly every one of its original promises, there remains the gun, the flag, the anthem, hatred of black people, worship of anything in a uniform and -- always -- the more ignorant aspects of tent-meeting Christianity.

"And the cops all turned tail like their pistols had failed.

Heroes in full reverse. Oh, there is nothing worse.

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For our faith's been misplaced, in God's gun-slinging grace."

Naah. An anthem is not supposed to point out the shortcomings of the police. They put their lives on the line every day, ya know. The cops have a damn strong union, too, though you're a communist if you want a union.

"So we'll stock Walmart's shelves like nonunionized elves.

And the presents we stock go to somebody else."


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