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Coffee, cultural shifts and sadness

Marc Munroe Dion on

My wife, who believes that I should be given treats every now and then, like a cat, keeps an eye on the better local coffee shops because she knows I'll drink flavored coffee at Christmas. I like the eggnog flavor, though gingerbread will do in an emergency.

She is also a newspaper reporter. Yesterday, she clacked into the newsroom where we both work, and looked at me sorrowfully.

"I was at the Dunkin' Donuts," she said. "They have brown sugar cinnamon and mocha mint for their holiday flavors. No eggnog. No gingerbread."

I live in Massachusetts. Everyone goes to Dunkin' Donuts all the time, except me and that junkie outside the convenience store. If Dunkin' is serving mocha mint or brown sugar cinnamon, then that's what people will drink. I am lost.

There's a couple of boutique coffee shops near the newspaper, and they may have eggnog or gingerbread coffee, but what they can't have is $4 of my money for a cup of coffee. I'll get some of their flavored coffee during the next month, but only if my wife is buying. Somehow, after eight years of marriage, I still think there's such a thing as "my money" and "her money."


So, this morning, about 11, I stopped at a convenience store and bought the last cup of sludgy coffee in the pot. I gave the junkie out front a cigarette and a $1 bill.

It's still Christmas.


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