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Cashin' the Checks

Marc Munroe Dion on

"Then, I guess you're just going to throw that money away, or give it to Black Lives Matter?" the snarkier ones say.


I still think Donald Trump is a crude, loudmouthed cheese-ball hustler who has turned the country over to a collection of Jesus-pestering, pistol-fondling, Jim Crow apologists who hate black people so much they never see the white people who are stealing their pensions and their health care.

But I'll take the money, and hope it's still worth something when I retire.

You know why?

Because, no matter how expensive my dress shirt might be, part of me is always the janitor I was, the kid on the loading dock.

I know the rules. I learned them when I was young, which is the best time to learn anything.

If you don't like the guy in charge, you still cash the checks. If you don't like the woman behind the desk, you still take her money, because money is all she has to offer. You hate him. You hate her. You fold the money once, in the middle, and you put it in your pocket.

The stock market is likely to continue breaking records because the rich people who run the country know that Donald Trump will give them MORE. He aims to give them everything he can grind out of the $13-an-hour flag-waving boobs who elected him.

The rules say, you hate the boss, but you cash the checks. Then you talk bad about him when he's not around.

It's a lousy way to live, and it's getting worse.


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