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Trump should take the rap

Marc Munroe Dion on

Despite my age, which is 60, and my wardrobe, which is tweed, plaid and khaki, and my color, which is white, I like rap music. Oh, I still like country music, my first favorite, but something has always drawn me to the beats and the rhymes, and the "urban" station is a preset on my old-school car radio.

So I wasn't completely out of the loop when rapper Eminem dropped his President Trump diss on television the other night. "Lose Yourself" is one of the songs I play when I write.

It was good work. The lines about veterans coming back from Iraq and being told to go back to Africa were strong, and true, and that's all you can ask from anyone's writing.

So far, and I haven't checked Twitter for a couple hours, Trump has not responded to Eminem's on-point geopolitical, yet locally biting rap, and if he's smart, he won't. Slim Shady doesn't have anything to lose, and he's quicker with a syllable than Trump.

Snoop Dogg took a swing at Trump a while back, too. Snoop is another personal favorite. Not being content with listening to him on the radio, I own some of his albums.

Yeah. It seems Trump isn't going over well with what we coyly call "the urban market," which, like the phrase, "the Arab street," hides darker words and thoughts.

It's not enough.

What we need here is a rap anti-Trump anthem, and while Eminem's freestyle from the other night may have made some noise, I want something bigger.

Remember, "We Are The World," that nauseating, sappy charity anthem of some time ago?

I want something like that but good, edgy and danceable. Something suitable for the club, the corner and the car.


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