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The Queen's Passing and the US Media: Reflections From a Lowercase 'R' Republican

Luis Martinez-Fernandez on

Tell me who deserves the highest praise for sense of duty, service and dedication. Who deserves a crown?

Why are Americans and the U.S. media so enamored with the British monarchy, from which we broke in 1776? Why such awfully laudatory news coverage? I even heard TV commentators praise the new King's humanity for shedding a tear in public and accepting an embrace from a stranger in the street. What was he supposed to do -- push her back into the crowd?

Not just the United States but all Latin American countries fought for their independence, putting an end to oppressive monarchical rule and establishing republican forms of government. We should find monarchical rule offensive. We don't believe in the monarchs' divine right to rule, so why do we see them as if they had it?

We are citizens (citoyens), not subjects. Thank goodness for Thomas Jefferson's and Ben Franklin's Francophilia.

We claim to believe that all men (and women) are created equal, and tell our children, with some level of honesty, that they can grow up to be president. Constitutionally, the United States cannot grant titles of nobility; nor can anyone holding office accept one. We do not have a House of Lords and a House of Commons.


So why have the U.S. media and the American public displayed such a monarchist spectacle? Is this yet another manifestation of our retreat from democratic rule? Is it that we crave a sense of national unity and stability?


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