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AOC is the hornet’s nest Republicans cannot stop themselves from poking

By Leonard Pitts Jr., Tribune Content Agency on

She was a teacher in Michigan.

She was in line at a Walmart in rural Ohio.

She was at a bar in San Francisco.

She was a post office supervisor in Miami.

He told her to smile, and she didn’t.

He wanted to buy her a drink, and she declined.


He didn’t like her driving. He didn’t like her T-shirt. He had been her friend for seven years, but he didn’t like when she was put in charge of the percussion section in their marching band.

So he called her something, a vulgar noun modified by a vulgar adjective, neither of which is printable here, both of which you know all too well, because they are a woman-hating insult routine in the lexicon of men whose primacy has been challenged, whose egos have been bruised, who have been denied something they want.

Last week, it took center stage in the House of Representatives, via a speech from Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. For some reason, she is the hornet’s nest Republicans cannot stop themselves from poking, even though they end up stung to pieces every time.

Florida Rep. Ted Yoho is the latest. He accosted Ocasio-Cortez on the steps of the U.S. Capitol and told her she was “disgusting” for having linked a spike in crime to poverty and unemployment. “You are out of your freaking mind,” he said. She called him rude and walked away.


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