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Voters Already Saying Yes to Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

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Here's a quiz for the Republican politicians among you. Check as many as apply.

Do you support:

- Repairing and rebuilding America's deteriorating network of roads and bridges, including the interstate highway system brought to life by GOP President Dwight D. Eisenhower?

- Ensuring that every American public student isn't drinking water out of lead pipes and doesn't attend class in buildings riddled with toxic chemicals?

- Giving every American access to reliable and affordable broadband internet service?

- Making sure that America's electric grid is reliable so there's not a repeat of the debacle in Texas?


- Building up the nation's electric vehicle infrastructure so that we can continue the pivot away from fossil fuels, all the better to hand a cleaner environment to our children, and to their children after them?

Because, guess what Republican members of Congress? When it comes to all of the above, Americans are way ahead of you.

As The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin noted, a Politico-Morning Consult poll finds that six in 10 respondents favor President Joe Biden's sweeping, $2 trillion infrastructure package. And support for individual items within the plan is even higher, with 77 percent favoring modernizing highways and roads. Majorities even support items not traditionally thought of as infrastructure issues: 80 percent support refurbishing Veterans Affairs hospitals and improving caregiving (76 percent), Rubin wrote.

And when it comes to Biden's plan to pay for it all by increasing corporate taxes, yep, Americans are down for that, too, according to the Politico-Morning Consult poll, with "sixty-five percent of registered voters [saying] they strongly or somewhat support funding Biden’s infrastructure plan through 15 years of higher taxes on corporations, while 21 percent somewhat or strongly oppose it.”


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