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Voters Verdict: End of The Trump Era

Jamie Stiehm on

The country came to its senses last Tuesday, after a seven-year famine in our politics. The worst in our nature showed up in vulgar, violent and virulent former President Donald Trump.

The hard-fought congressional midterms are a turning point in our civil strife. Election Day delivered a crystal-clear verdict from the American people: democracy matters. (More than gas prices.)

Please, sir, more fair and square democracy and decency.

That's what President Biden brings to the table. We keep hearing how unpopular he is, but "Joe" is a hard guy not to like, with a steady hand on the tiller.

Bonhomie works for me.

The improbable dream of Democrats keeping the Senate chamber blue came true before our eyes. The impossible dream of a Democratic House of Representatives victory hangs in the air.


America has plenty to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Thursday.

The majority of voters told us the Trump Republican party's over now. Most of his hand-picked radical Right candidates lost in a rebuke to the bitter, twice-impeached ex-president.

Now he's the madman in the attic.

Can a seven-year era of good times and feelings begin now? We are not enemies, but friends, as Abraham Lincoln pleaded in an inaugural address.


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