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Trump's Knots and Dots: It's All Over

Jamie Stiehm on

A figurative noose is tightening around Donald Trump's neck.

The sweet thing is that he knows it. The desperado is shrewd enough to sense his day is done.

Let's count the knots. Some are political, some are legal.

We already know the dots add up to a portrait of a screaming, swearing president who tried to overthrow the government by force.

The crackerjack House select committee on the mob attack on the Capitol is tying Trumpian knots in public opinion. Hearing by hearing, witness by witness, they're telling a sordid story nobody could make up. Thursday in primetime will conclude the best summer true crime story ever.

I mean the noose of justice, of course, not a noose and gallows, which Trump's armed mob brought to "Hang Mike Pence" at the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021. Trump's vice president was in grave danger that day.


The tables have turned.

In real time, Trump suggested Pence might "deserve" it. For Pence refused to play his part in the violent conspiracy to hold onto presidential power -- the first such plot in American history.

Like a Roman emperor, Trump fell under a depraved spell at the crowd size. The 30,000 marching to storm the Capitol thrilled him.

As promised, the deadly scene was "wild" when vast throngs crawled up terrace steps and walls, broke glass on marble floors and rushed the chambers of Congress. The House and Senate were in, certifying the winner of the 2020 election in a constitutional ritual.


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