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Biden: You've Come a Long Way, Joe

Jamie Stiehm on

I like living in a small Southern town. It's called Washington, D.C. You can study character here.

President Joe Biden is not the man he was 30 years ago, and that's a good thing.

Remember when Biden presided over Senate hearings that rocked and roiled the nation? They opened the way not for truth nor justice, but for Clarence Thomas's climb to the Supreme Court.

Thomas still sits there, ready to deny rights to American women and girls.

Biden made an indelible mark of his failings in 1991. Far from judicious, he was loud, unfair, repetitive -- even ridiculous -- in the eye of a storm.

Boy, he's grown wings since those tragic autumn days.


Few American politicians have changed so much, so well, over the arc of a career.

Leading in the worst of times, Biden brings uncommon patience and wisdom, gifts of age. He navigated the nation through a pandemic and to victory in Congress on rebuilding our broken infrastructure.

The bipartisan bill covers his beloved trains, but it was no easy ride. In a morning-to-midnight marathon Friday, the House sealed the big deal. Good going!

Long ago, Biden let his panel treat Anita Hill, an Oklahoma law professor, like trash. She came forward with a serious story of Thomas' sexual harassment on the job.


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