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Biden Needs to Keep Away Skunks and Mobs

Jamie Stiehm on

The House and Senate were captive in the Capitol.

What a perfect setup for tens of thousands who descended on our town from all points, as far away as California and Texas. They were not tourists. They did not come at a moment's notice. One brought bear spray.

The House Select Committee on Jan. 6 is at work issuing subpoenas -- one to Trump's chief of staff, Mark Meadows -- and piecing the truth together. The FBI was late to the game again.

This much is clear: The conspiracy took weeks, even months, to organize. The mob knew which Capitol doors to break down. They scaled the walls. They must have cased the joint, because they knew where to go.

The mob missed the Senate by moments. Vice President Mike Pence, presiding over the count, escaped a mass lynching. As bad as it was, it could have been a murderous bloodbath. Some in the House chamber fled down a secret staircase.

Bearded faces poked through beautiful broken glass doors during a gun standoff. I covered Baltimore for years and never heard shots fired in anger.


The Capitol Police were helped by 800 members of the Metropolitan Police, in hand-to-hand combat. It's not pretty, what the white mob called officers of color.

Trump is not done with those of us who hold democracy dear, fond of a peaceful transfer of power.

He learned from his sordid life that if he keeps saying something over and over in his ferocious way, that he can fool some of the people all of the time.

From Queens real estate to depraved Roman Empire days in the White House, that's what he lives on, a banquet of lies and Big Macs.


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