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Biden Needs to Keep Away Skunks and Mobs

Jamie Stiehm on

WASHINGTON -- The Biden presidency hangs not upon the House, but two Democratic senators, skunks at the political garden party. As skies darken, the Jan. 6 Capitol mob comes closer. These ominous signs are related.

I heard shrieks and howls while in the House chamber. It was an armed, bloodthirsty bunch. Footsteps and broken glass on pristine marble marked their trail.

I love history, but not witnessing that black day's descent. And former President Donald Trump's sedition is not done.

His mob is not history. The worst loser of all time will not leave us in peace. We're wrong to let Trump roam the land freely (when under investigation) and incite Iowans.

One national security expert, Fiona Hill, called Jan. 6 a "dress rehearsal." Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, made the same point, knowing the mind of the president he served.

Chilling when you think the Capitol's only other attack was when British soldiers sacked it in 1814, a legitimate act of war.


The wheels of Justice turn slowly. Attorney General Merrick Garland's department has made less than 700 arrests. The crowd that day outnumbered Trump's 2017 inauguration. Light sentences suggested by prosecutors troubled some judges.

Trump appealed to his Justice Department nine times to undo his lost election.

Nobody could make up the ninth time. Meeting with top government lawyers, including one who defended him at an impeachment trial, Trump hit a wall when they threatened to resign.

Note the date was Jan. 3, 2021. Trump had one last card to play. Three days later came a cunning, coordinated plot to storm the Capitol while Congress was ratifying the Electoral College win for President Joe Biden. Jan. 6 is named in the Constitution.


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