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Diary Notes: Washington Puts a Dark Past To Rest

Jamie Stiehm on

Back in the press gallery, a police officer passed by, back from a wartime deployment. "I was safer in Afghanistan (than here) on Jan. 6," he said.

That sank an arrow in our banter. That happened: 140 police officers injured in the Capitol melee. We heard gunshots right by the House chamber.

The saddest siege ended before dawn. Democracy won, but not by much.

They say the Trump mob is coming back Saturday. Deport them to Texas or Gander.

As the fall season starts, Democrats need every player on the field, like that former quarterback, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. They are thinking big, real New Deal lawmaking aimed at the future.


Lincoln led us out of the dark toward the light.

It's in the air, a clear chance to go further forward.


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