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A Very Different Take on September 11: And the Tragedy Goes On

Jamie Stiehm on

WASHINGTON -- Out of the clearest blue sky, a thousand Tuesdays ago, four doomed planes came roaring into New York, Pennsylvania and across the river to the brick fortress with five sides.

The hijacked airships smashed so many lives -- and so much steel -- into smithereens, in moments that turned to years.

Nineteen guys -- 15 Saudis, zero Iraqis -- did it.

Their simple plot started to shipwreck the American 21st century. Just look around. We let that happen.

America was badly bleeding, grieving for the nearly 3,000 who perished. The world wept with us.

But the falling towers and the burning Pentagon gave our new leaders license to do what they wanted to do anyway: Wage wars of aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq and lest we forget, the "war on terror."


Brash President George W. Bush never let losing the popular vote to former Vice President Al Gore sober him up for a second.

Speaking in Texan Bush parlance, the new president vowed to kick some a--. After peace, prosperity and former President Bill Clinton's way with words, this did not fall gently.

Trillions of dollars and thousands of military and civilian lives later, as we remember the tragic terrorist attacks, it's time for some remorse and reflection.

We've done damage to other countries in these futile wars. Afghanistan and Iraq were left in shambles.


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