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Washington's Most Wanted Man

Jamie Stiehm on

WASHINGTON -- Everybody wants to know where Sen. Joe Manchin's hideaway is in the Capitol.

The West Virginia Democrat has all eyes on his tall frame as he makes his way through the ornate halls for votes.

President Joe Biden knows that this Joe could make or break his 50-50 hold on the Senate. A tie goes to the White House.

"It's Manchin's Senate now," a CNN correspondent said on the small Senate subway.

"One man, one vote," I replied.

Really, it's one Manchin, one vote.


The delicate applecart depends upon a conservative Southern Democrat sticking with his party for the big votes coming.

Infrastructure, voting rights and gun safety -- and which is the greatest of these?

In all cases, Manchin will likely have the last word in his caucus on what goes in and out of the bill. Republicans would love to poach him.

Manchin loves center stage and plays the part well. Charm is in short supply lately in the Senate, but he's hale and hearty, a young 73 with a spring in his step.


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