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Summer rage: America burning inside and out

Jamie Stiehm on

As sure as sunflowers fade fast, America's summer of burn is counting days to a close. Autumn arrives any moment.

How starved we are for a new season after a summer of hot air blasting from the White House, wildfires blazing in the West and another hurricane hitting near New Orleans. In all her fury, Mother Nature seems to act out 2020 human moods on the ground.

The climate crisis mirrors our condition all too well.

I've never seen the country as anxious and angry as now, under the cloud of a deadly pandemic. And it's over more than masks, a stark sign of our divided times.

The body politic is scorched, torn in two by a defiant president who inspires fierce loathing or loyalty, little in between.

The 1850s, before the Civil War broke out, were a garden party compared with the constant strife on Twitter, Facebook, Fox and CNN. Under the pandemic, it all festers in our heads without healthy outdoor pursuits, the normal workplace, school classes and social contact.


Confinement is hard at any age. Man does not live on Zoom alone -- nor does woman or child. We need one another in person more than we knew.

President Donald Trump brags that he brings out "rage" in people -- hence the title of Bob Woodward's new book about the president. That's Trump's true talent -- let's give him evil genius -- and he never takes or gives us a day off. His simple presidential speech is one of three things: a boast, lie or insult.

Before 2017, the American people had never seen a president openly raging, denouncing citizens, generals and popular institutions such as the post office.

As we live and try to breathe, beloved California is burning -- millions of acres. Epic wildfires cast an orange sky over the Golden Gate Bridge and the city on the hills, San Francisco. In Santa Monica, the sun was an orb in a hazy sky, with no light or shadow. So I hear from my family.


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