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The House of Democracy falls silent

Jamie Stiehm on

In a fractious assembly of 435 House members, with some bad apples, that sounded fresh. Perhaps that spirit comes from togetherness, through sweet and bitter times.

The essence of politics is give-and-take, reaching compromise in the two-party system with conflicts cheek by jowl. That's what tradition says.

The truth is this House is so divided members seldom cross partisan lines. This vote was no different: 217-189. Majority Democrats "won" the day.

The Judiciary Committee chairman, Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., outlined the changes. Committees may meet remotely. Members may designate a proxy to cast their floor votes, a step to avoid travel and spread of the coronavirus.

A Texas congressman made light of the moment in House history: "I'm a good-looking guy; you just can't tell." True, there was no telling who the silver-haired man was under the mask.


Yet something shall be lost in silence.


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