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Pence's disrespect for medical caution telegraphs contempt for science

Jamie Stiehm on

WASHINGTON -- The vice president's refusal to wear a mask in the Mayo Clinic began a big reveal: his pattern of exposing others to COVID-19, including the nation's top doctors and a close aide.

Vice President Mike Pence unmasked his true character that April day in Minnesota, and again every day in May since. He put vulnerable patients at risk, shocking doctors coast to coast. My father, an immunologist, was steamed at the Mayo Clinic for breaking its rules and fine reputation. That scene was a flashpoint for everyone I know.

Now Pence's health violations are trouble closer to home. This is the man appointed to lead us out of the coronavirus crisis. Irony doesn't get better than this.

The White House workplace is a grave case of what not to do in a pandemic. A trifecta of doctors advising President Donald Trump -- Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health, Robert Redfield of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Stephen Hahn of the Food and Drug Administration -- are now quarantined for two weeks.

Hello? If you were coordinating the White House task force on a deadly plague, wouldn't you protect the medical leaders? All we know is that the mysterious virus is contagious in close quarters.

But Trump and Pence coerced the three into close contact in long daily news briefings, standing side by side. No social distancing. So much for modeling good practices.


The American people depend upon government experts to steer us through the squall. Fauci, the most valuable player, is trusted for his straight-up candor. He's 79, in the highest-risk group.

Cavalier disregard for the safety of its medical team is a sorry low for the most slipshod show in American history.

So, it was to be expected that COVID-19 would strike within the West Wing gates.

It's more than bad luck that Pence's press secretary, Katie Miller (White House speechwriter Stephen Miller's new bride), just contracted the coronavirus.


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