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Biden has a flawed foreign policy resume

Jamie Stiehm on

Joe Biden is picking up speed in Iowa and New Hampshire polls as the clear Democratic primary front-runner, yet President Donald Trump just threw a wrench -- or a drone -- at his foreign policy record. The president's assassination of Iran's top military commander in Iraq cracked open a messy egg in the Middle East, even as he awaits a Senate impeachment trial.

Trump's New Year's resolution for 2020 seems to be: Make tomorrow worse than today. He did not even consult with Congress on striking Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Iraq now wants all Americans out of the ravaged country. This would constitute a "lost war" -- just like Vietnam, only longer. All in a day's work from Mar-a-Lago.

The crisis raises questions about who in the Democratic field can quell the fury and anxiety Trump causes in our enemies and allies. At 77, Biden is perceived as a steady, experienced hand, a line he is pressing hard.

"These events put into greater relief that we need a commander-in-chief who can, from the moment they're sworn in -- and without needing on the job training -- start repairing the severe damage that Donald Trump has done," a campaign spokesperson told The Daily Beast.

That's malarkey.

Biden's rusty foreign policy resume is a mile long, but it's not what you'd expect from someone who passes as a statesman with 35 years of senatorial experience. In a word, it's amateur. As vice president, Biden advised President Barack Obama against the successful Pakistan raid on Osama bin Laden.


Biden's old, but he was never wise -- just an average Joe, truthfully. A good fellow folks like, especially in small town Delaware.

Most central to the fix we're in now, Biden voted for the Iraq War in 2002, after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, based on the falsehood that Iraq was hiding weapons of mass destruction. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., later House Speaker, did not fall for that George W. Bush claim. It took courage and foresight to vote against that war of aggression. Only 23 out of 100 senators possessed that wisdom. Few are in office now.

That chain of events set the whole century off on a dark note. If the 21st century had been a Broadway show, it would have closed by now. The Iraq War was a tragedy costing trillions of dollars, hurting our good will and place in the world. It depleted the Army on a mission that soldiers came to question.

Like it or not, Biden bears a brunt of the blame for the Obama administration's failure to bring the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to a swift, clean close as promised. These conflicts were left hopelessly undone for over eight years.


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