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Biden Is Obviously Not Too Old

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A friend asked her therapist whether her new romantic interest, 17 years her senior, was "too old." He responded, "Too old for what?"

Those wise words could also apply to President Joe Biden, about whom many are asking the same question. Pushing 80, Biden may be slower than he was. Then again, he's not a contestant on "Jeopardy." A president needs a deep well of knowledge and good people to handle the details. Biden seems to have both.

This is not a call for Biden to seek a second presidential term. It is just to say that right now, he is clearly not too old to serve as chief executive of the United States.

There's a bit of hypocrisy on the political fringes when it comes to the ages of their heroes. On the left we have Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is a year older than Biden. Progressive youth worship him still. That Sanders actually suffered a heart attack during the 2020 campaign didn't deter his supporters, nor did it cause most of the media to rule him out.

After Sanders lost the Democratic nomination, his campaign announced that he might run again in 2024. Sanders says that would be "very, very unlikely."

On the right we have Donald Trump. Trump is only two years younger than Biden and seriously overweight. I'd like to see Trump even get on the bicycle that Biden fell off. As president, Trump's most memorable achievement was nearly breaking the democracy.


Youth, meanwhile, is not necessarily a guarantor of superior mental acuity. The youngest member of congress, 26-year-old Madison Cawthorn, is a lunatic.

In any case, if younger people want to challenge the older officeholders, good for them. However, no one has an obligation to, as the ambitious juniors like to say to, "step aside for the next generation." Let the voters decide who can best do the job.

Young challengers would do themselves a service by not flogging their opponents over their age. Did you hear that, Joe Cunningham?

Cunningham is a Democrat who accomplished the feat of winning South Carolina's 1st congressional district for a term. Now running for governor against the incumbent, Republican Henry McMaster, Cunningham is proposing a 72-year age limit for South Carolina politicians. McMaster just happens to be 75.


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