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Do Canadians want to defer to Harry and Meghan?

Froma Harrop on

The royals' deal has been that, in return for deference, six palaces, castles and estates, and enormous public subsidies, they perform mainly ceremonial duties, keep their complaints to themselves and behave as models of rectitude.

Rectitude was in decline even before Prince Andrew's romp with sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. Harry's mother, the late Princess Diana, turned the world into her fashion runway -- all the while griping about the media attention. Divorced from Charles, she died in a car crash in Paris alongside her playboy lover, Dodi Fayed.

Now you have Harry and Meghan working their brand -- for example, publishing pictures of their newborn, Archie, peek-a-boo style on their Instagram account. They declined doing a traditional official royal baby picture.

And who will foot the bill for their enormous security expenses? Britain? Canada? Perchance they themselves?

As an American, I can say, "Happily, not us."



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